Easy Bites

A mobile app created to help parents and caretakers with their journey of feeding kids. The app provides daily tips, information, and guidance for nutritional issues.

UX & UI Design
Product Strategy
Software Development
iOS Mobile App
MVP Launch

From concept to launch

Easy Bites came with a problem to solve, a prototype draft, and access to a big community of parents struggling with feeding and nutrition issues with their kids.

We approached the project by first getting familiar with the people and the problem and testing the existing prototype to validate our assumptions.

With rounds of iterations and creative workshops, we designed, developed, and launched the first version of the mobile app.

"Ileana and her team are very easy to work with. The whole project is carefully broken into clear steps and deadlines are always realistic. I loved how cohesive was the whole process, and how the team members cooperated with each other to find the best solutions."
Natalia Stasenko, Founder @Easy Bites