Ignition Workshop

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Set yourself up for a successful launch

You’ve Googled, you’ve read books, you’ve talked to other founders but you’re not 100% sure what your next steps should be. You have a lot of general information about building an app, but you don’t know how to build your product.

That’s where the Ignition Workshop comes in. In 4 hours we’ll clarify the problem your app solves, its position in the market, and how complex the execution will be.

By the end of this workshop you’ll:

How it works

Alignment Call

A 1-hour call where we get to know you, your team, and your project. We’ll give you a summary of the workshop process and answer any questions.

4-hour Workshop

For 4 hours we’ll take a deep dive into your project through activities and exercises. It’s an engaging, collaborative process where every voice matters.

Results Report

We’ll take all of our insights from the workshop and prepare a report of the results. We’ll present outcomes and give you our recommendations in a 1-hour collaborative session.


Complexity Overview
  • Defined project mission
  • Project needs overview
  • Uncover gaps and challenges
Technical Approach
  • Development needs and unknowns
  • High-level Product Ecosystem Map
  • Tech stack recommendation
Plan of Action
  • Prioritised challenges
  • Unified view of the project needs
  • Clear next steps

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