Engage in collaborative sessions that spark creativity, increase efficiency, and bring innovation to your team.

Validate your Idea
Design Sprint

Gather user feedback on your idea before making an expensive commitment. In 5 days we’ll gather research and test a prototype of your app with real customers.

  • Validate your idea through user testing
  • Challenge your assumptions
  • Align your team around a common vision
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Take the First Step
Ignition Workshop

So you have an idea for an app but you don’t know the first steps? This workshop is for you. In 4 hours we’ll evaluate the complexity of your vision and give you clear steps to build it.

  • Know your next steps
  • Understand how complex your project is
  • Uncover potential gaps and challenges
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Validate your problem
Problem Framing

Successful apps start with a well defined problem. A challenge that isn’t too broad or too narrow to conquer. For 2,5 hours we’ll work to understand the problem and how it affects your users.

  • Put your problem into context
  • Understand your customer's perspective
  • Define the value to your business

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