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At Creative Glue Lab, we redefine the art of bringing digital products to life by simplifying the product development process so you can navigate this journey with clarity and confidence.

Our team of skilled, passionate professionals, including designers, developers, strategists, and visionaries, are committed to transforming your ideas into impactful digital realities. Using modern, efficient methods, we foster open dialogue, mutual learning, and creative problem-solving.

Our streamlined process ensures you're always in the loop with transparent outcomes and progress, making product development smooth and stress-free. With our experience and expertise, we can easily navigate complexities and deliver results that guarantee collaborative success.

We're committed to building an innovative, inclusive, and inspiring future. Let's take on this journey together - turning challenges into opportunities and visions into victories.

Meet our core team of experts

Andrei Marcut
Co-founder, Development & Engineering
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Constantin Georgiu
Co-founder, Lead Mobile Development
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Ileana Marcut
Co-founder, UX & Product Strategy
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Sabrina Orban
Product Designer & FE Developer
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Razvan Riscuta
UX & UI Designer
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We'll assemble the right team suited to your project's needs.

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