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January 15, 2024
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Complete redesign and implementation of the Design Sprint Academy website

Discover how we designed and developed a remarkable website for Design Sprint Academy using Webflow.

“I collaborated with Creative Glue Lab not only to revamp our website but also to refine our value proposition and simplify our B2B services. The team consistently came to meetings well-prepared, offering suggestions, best practices, and solutions that reduced our workload yet delivered excellent results. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and expertise.” - Dana Vetan @Design Sprint Academy

The Challenge

Design Sprint Academy is a company focused on helping organizations with innovation and product development.

Dana and John from Design Sprint Academy approached us to help them redesign and develop their website in Webflow. They wanted more content management flexibility, increased website performance, clarity and structure, and a modern look and feel.

They wanted a transformation to fit their new vision and a dynamic, custom-built solution capable of efficiently handling content management and e-commerce. Check it out!

Our Approach

We began by having a Scoping Session to review the existing website, discuss their new vision, and understand the project's complexity. The website's content, navigation, and visual elements required a refresh to accommodate new services, information, and ideas.

Here are the core steps we've taken:

✅ Scoping Session

✅ Information Architecture & Content Strategy

✅ Visual Direction & UI Design

✅ Webflow Development

✅ Launch

✅ After-launch support

We created a complete digital solution for Design Sprint Academy by combining a visually stunning design with easy-to-manage content and e-commerce capabilities.

Information Architecture & Content Strategy

We prepared an Ideation Workshop where we started working on the website navigation, structure, content, and information architecture. We focused on clarity and simplicity, ensuring people easily understand and find the necessary information.

We put a lot of effort into identifying and communicating the unique value that our client offers to their audience. By simplifying how the services are presented and clearly defining their unique selling points, we aimed to create a user-friendly experience that informs and resonates with their customers' needs and preferences.

We used Miro to collaborate remotely and on-site during workshops

Visual Direction & UI Design

Design Sprint Academy needed a new look and feel to align with its fresh and futuristic vision. We aimed for simplicity and professionalism with a touch of modern futuristic style.

We set the visual direction after finalizing the website's structure and content. We modified the existing branding elements to achieve a modern and minimalist appearance.

We kept the logo and brand colors, added new fonts to fit the new direction, and changed the iconography and illustration style.

Webflow Development

We developed the entire website for Design Sprint Academy from scratch using Webflow - fully custom. To simplify content management for the team, we used Webflow's Content Management System (CMS), allowing them to update content like blog posts and product descriptions without technical knowledge.

Furthermore, we set up e-commerce features, including product listings, a shopping cart, checkout processes, and secure payment gateways. We customized these features to offer a seamless shopping experience for their customers. What we did:

✅ Fully custom website implementation

✅ Content Management System (CMS)

✅ E-commerce component

✅ Blog functionality

✅ 3rd party integrations

The Launch

Before launch, we thoroughly tested all website features, including the Content Management System (CMS) and e-commerce functionality, to ensure flawless performance. We worked closely with the Design Sprint Academy team to capture and implement all their feedback and requests.

We offered support for launch and after-launch to ensure everything worked perfectly. Check out the Design Sprint Academy website!

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