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January 8, 2024
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Xenn Mobile App Design

See the story about how we redesigned the Xenn mobile app.

The Challenge

Xenn is a mobile app that simplifies energy management by bundling all essential data about your energy consumption into a single user-friendly app, providing clear insights in euros and kWh and real-time notifications for peak usage. The Xenn team contacted us for help redesigning the first version of their mobile app. Their goal was to incorporate customer feedback, new ideas, and new features. Xenn provides a lot of information in numbers and graphs, so it was essential to simplify and make it easy for anyone to read and understand.

The Approach

Our first step was evaluating the current mobile app, customer research, and user feedback. We prepared an Ideation Session to map and review the existing user scenarios. Our goal was to uncover the points of friction and the opportunities for improvement. We involved the core Xenn team, including their internal development team.

Together, we continued to work on restructuring the app's navigation to simplify and focus on the main functionality of the app, prioritizing what's important for the customers. We worked on simplifying the complexity of the information, which was initially overwhelming for their customers.

Here are the core stages of our process:
✅ UX Audit for the existing app

✅ Customer research & feedback study

✅ Review and refine the user scenarios

✅ Navigation & Information Architecture

✅ UX & UI Design

✅ Development Support

We engaged in remote collaborative sessions using Miro

UX & UI Design

We used the existing Xenn branding to create the final visual direction and the app's UI design. We aimed for a modern, clean look that allows information and charts to stand out nicely. During our collaborative co-creation sessions, the Xenn team actively contributed their ideas, resulting in a successful outcome. We worked closely with the developers to align on feasibility and to provide design assets and implementation guidance where needed.

It was a fun project and a fantastic team to work with! 

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