Idea Validation with Design Sprints

We use the Design Sprint process to turn your digital product ideas into tested prototypes in 5 days.

Validate before investing: 5-day Design Sprint workshop

You have a product idea, you want to move fast, and you need confidence it will be successful. The Design Sprint process does just that.

In just five days, our Design Sprint workshop will guide you and your team through defining, testing, and validating your digital product idea directly with customers.

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What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a structured, step-by-step process for tackling complex problems and exploring new ideas, designed to enhance team creativity and deliver quick, tangible results. Read more about Design Sprints

Workshop Overview

In 5 days, you and your team will identify challenges, define solutions, build a prototype, and get customer feedback, paving the way for informed, effective action.

Day 1

Set a long-term goal and prioritise the challenges for the rest of the week.

Day 2

Get creative and come up with solutions for the week's focus.

Day 3

Discuss and decide on the best solutions to move forward with.

Day 4

Bring your ideas to life by creating a realistic prototype.

Day 5

Interview customers and capture feedback as they interact with the prototype.

How it works

1. Workshop Preparation

Before the workshop, we'll define the Design Sprint challenge, conduct customer research, form the sprint team, and block calendars for the 5-day workshop.

2. The 5-day Workshop

We'll work together online or in person during the five-day workshop. The workshop consists of time-boxed exercises and interactive activities involving the entire team.

3. Outcome Report

After the 5-day workshop, we'll prepare a report to discuss the results of the Design Sprint and make recommendations for the next steps.

By the end of the Design Sprint workshop, you'll get:
➩ Alignment around a shared vision
➩ Prioritised challenges
➩ An interactive prototype of your idea
➩ Feedback from 5 potential customers
➩ Expert recommendation for next steps

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