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Product Strategy
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From concept to growth - we create meaningful experiences powered by modern tech

Vision & Strategy

From validating ideas and planning features to analyzing feasibility, meeting customer needs, and surpassing business goals, we work tirelessly to ensure the success of your product.

Product Design

We specialize in exceptional user experience design, prototyping, user testing, and creative visuals. Our goal is to set new standards for transformative interfaces beyond delight.


We provide top-notch software development services that deliver future-proof, high-performing solutions for mobile and web platforms, ensuring exceptional user experiences.
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We bring your vision to life and beyond.

At Creative Glue Lab, we offer expert advice and deliver comprehensive solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Our passionate team will assist you every step of the way, providing direction and strategies to meet all your needs.

Our highly skilled and experienced product managers ensure a hassle-free delivery experience while exceeding expectations.

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Our approach is flexible and transparent
We value clear and open communication
We have expertise in the latest technology solutions
We engage in collaborative workshops for fast results

We help teams tackle any challenge along their product journey

Define a strong strategy, design, build and launch your MVP.

Our team will guide you in devising a strategic plan, validating your idea with customers, and delivering a cutting-edge product that satisfies the demands of both your customers and your business.

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Create delightful and engaging experiences and visual designs for your digital product.

Whether you're a startup or an established company, our design team is here to make your ideas unforgettable. From sketches to polished interfaces, we create modern user-friendly experiences.

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Build and launch future-proof digital solutions with a team of passionate experts.

Whether launching a new project or expanding your software portfolio, our development team is ready to turn your ideas into robust, efficient solutions. From coding to deployment, we're here to drive your software success.

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Project Spotlight

Hear why clients rely on us

Dana Vetan
Innovation Consultant & Partner @Design Sprint Academy
“I collaborated with Creative Glue Lab not only to revamp our website but also to refine our value proposition and simplify our B2B services. The team consistently came to meetings well-prepared, offering suggestions, best practices, and solutions that reduced our workload yet delivered excellent results. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and expertise.”
Florian Polak
Founder & CEO
“We have been working with Ileana from Creative Glue Lab for several months now and are very pleased with her work. She has a very structured approach tackling UX challenges and comes up with very clever solutions. Our platform engagement increased significantly thanks to her designs in the past weeks. I would recommend working with her any time!”
Natalia Stasenko
Founder @Easy Bites
"Ileana and the Creative Glue Lab team are very easy to work with. The whole project is carefully broken into clear steps and deadlines are always realistic. I loved how cohesive was the whole process, and how the team members cooperated with each other to find the best solutions."
Michael Renner
Co-founder/CTO @Live Sherpa
I have been working with Constantin for nearly five years. His holistic approach to digital product development and engineering has had a significant impact on our mobile application. His focus on business value, user experience, and sustainable engineering has created a lot of value for us through having a world-class product. When Constantin co-founded Creative Glue Lab, I was very excited, because it offered the opportunity of expanded access to an enlarged talent pool that share his approach and passion for digital products that create value.
Dino Paone
Founder @Paone Advisors
"I have used Ileana Marcut's design services for multiple companies that I own. Her service level, care, and ability to hit all stated deadlines is second to none. However, Ileana's true genius is in her ability to read your needs and to create a design and overall feel that draws the exact clientele that you are looking for. In the end, when you choose a designer, you are simply renting their brain to accomplish what you cannot do yourself. Ileana has the best brain in the business and I recommend her and her services unconditionally!"
Andrea Marcellus
Founder & CEO @AND/life
"Not only outstanding at design and UX, Ileana is a master at identifying user motivation and behavior. An amazing collaborator, she brings enthusiasm, positivity and creative thinking to the table every day, no matter how unclear the path forward may be. I have had the privilege of working with her for two years as we have developed and iterated the AND/life app from a concept on sticky notes on a wall to an award-winning app in a highly competitive space. I trust her perspective completely and am deeply grateful for her talent, dedication and unparalleled work ethic."

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