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January 1, 2024
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Paone Advisors Website

Read about how we designed and launched the Poane Advisors' presentation website.

"I have used Ileana Marcut's design services for multiple companies that I own. Her service level, care, and ability to hit all stated deadlines is second to none. However, Ileana's true genius is in her ability to read your needs and to create a design and overall feel that draws the exact clientele that you are looking for. " - Dino Paone

The Challenge

Dino Paone approached us to design and develop a website for his financial investment company, Paone Advisors. We created the website's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design and implemented it using the Webflow platform. View the live website here!

Visual Direction & UI Design

Dino wanted a classic and minimalist visual style, so we aimed to balance a traditional, professional look with a modern, user-friendly interface.

We chose a color palette featuring soft browns, gentle blues, and warm grays to achieve this. These colors conveyed professionalism and created a calming and welcoming atmosphere, essential in the financial services sector, where clients often seek clarity and peace of mind.

For typography, we selected fonts that resonated with the classic theme. We used serif fonts for headings to evoke trustworthiness and tradition and paired them with sans-serif fonts for body text to maintain readability and modernity. The combination of these fonts reinforced the blend of classic and contemporary styles.

We incorporated clean lines and ample white space in the layout design, contributing to openness and transparency and aligning with Paone Advisors' values. The design perfectly blended classic elegance and modern functionality, conveying Dino's talent for simplifying financial matters.

Webflow Development

We developed the entire website for Paone Advisors using Webflow. Weblfow's CMS functionality simplified the content management process, allowing a simple update of the blog without any technical knowledge.

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